Asset Plus Companies - ServicesAsset Plus takes pride in our ability to meet clients leasing needs by providing the best in updated market coverage, knowledge and expertise in both student housing and multifamily properties. When marketing and leasing a community, we conduct a complete analysis of the market to determine its marketability then develop a creative and aggressive approach to retain and gain tenant leases. Our marketing and research software allows us to identify prospects in the immediate area. Asset Plus has the skill and knowledge to evaluate a property and create just the right strategy to maximize its value. The firm works closely with every client to identify current needs and creative innovative solutions to reach short and long term investment goals.


"R.E.O." (Real Estate Owned) and "Court Appointed Receivership" work for lending institutions. Asset Plus has twenty plus years experience assisting lending institutions in reacquiring control, managing, operating, protecting, reconstructing and selling the real property (both Commercial and Multi-Family Residential Real Estate) that secures their loans.

Asset Plus has experienced and seasoned Real Estate Brokers who can and have acted as "Court Appointed Receivers" to protect the real estate while the institution determines their best course of action.

Asset Plus has the construction capability and experience to assist the lender in repairing any deferred maintenance, correcting life safety issues and code violations, as well as the ability to oversee any necessary capital improvements to help reposition the asset for sale.

Asset Plus has successfully sold properties directly out of "Court Appointed Receiverships," at the lenders request.

Asset Plus has been asked on many occasions to continue as the property manager by the new purchasers of the "R.E.O." and "Receivership" properties. The purchasers make this decision based on their reviews of the work performed and progress made prior to purchase.